Why “Why Everyone Is Quitting Their Job To Play Call of Duty” Is The Most Important Video Ever Uploaded To YouTube

How Playing Video Games Teaches Us What We Need To Beat A Broken System


“If the formation is itself off course, then the man who is really to get “on course” must leave the formation.” — R. D. Laing

BatmanDobbins FTW Trigger Warning: profanity, offensive content, facts, unexpected discoveries that prove you’re not actually dysfunctional

BatmanDobbins FTW: Why Everyone Is Quitting Their Job To Play Call of Duty

Rage all you want about capitalism and socialism and billionaires and every other political or ethnic group, systemic racism and election fraud and corruption and fascism and anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers, march until your knees buckle and scream your screams into the empty nothing behind your screens until you lose your voices and blind yourselves with your own tears.

Or, watch the above video, a video put together more than a year ago by a “recovering gaming addict” whose authenticity and excellent research skills have been transformed into a three hour long poem, an ode and a battle cry and, honestly, the most educational, empowering, inspirational and important thing I think I’ve ever consumed in one go.

CONFESSION: I watched this in parts over a number of days because it’s three hours long - ain’t nobody got time for that!

Three hours is a long time and we have short little spans of attention. It’s difficult enough in good times to start something this long with no idea what it’s about, so as a public service I’ve put together the “Section Guide” below in the interests of making this video more accessible because I truly believe that this should be mandatory listening for everyone. Except kids, of course, the man may have a silky smooth voice but it oozes out of a rather foul potty mouth...



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