When I returned to university for my second degree, I was deeply unsettled by the general attitude towards education, both from the side of the government and the institutions and from the side of the students. As much as I gained from my studies, I gained because I was personally invested and because I was there for the personal enrichment - that's really not why people have been going to college, not for many decades, and it's no longer how colleges position themselves. They're money-making gatekeepers, they're the old guard.

The truth is, unless we're determined to go down the medical/legal/engineering/purely academic tracks, we can get better vocational training anywhere else and better quality education* free online.

* There are exceptions, for sure. But there don't need to be!

I wouldn't rely on any government or institution to provide any kind of training or education any more. We need to take matters into our own hands, and since the advent of the internet we've been starting to do just that.



Software developer and writer of words, see http://therightstuff.bio.link for more details.

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