What continues to amaze me is that Americans are so gung-ho about their gun rights (gun-ho?) that they forget why they agreed to the second amendment in the first place. The second amendment is there to enable civilians to arm themselves in case they need to rise up against a tyrannical government.

1. Militias formed by US "freedom fighters" are going to find themselves hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned if they try to do physical battle with the US army.

2. The most important aspect of "the right to bear arms" does not specify the class of arms in question. It doesn't say "guns" or "rifles" or "tanks".

What you Americans need to learn - and quickly - is that you've let your rights to your most precious weapons against 21st century tyranny be eroded: your rights to privacy, your rights to secure channels of communication, your rights to speak words of your choosing without your government breathing down your necks and sending armed and dangerous Thought Police to bust down your doors.

Along with the rest of western civilization (and eastern, too), it's time for you to acknowledge that you've already been under the thumb of tyrannical governments for a very long time. If you care about the second amendment, it's not guns you should be fighting for - what you need is privacy, real protections to keep your private dealings and thoughts from your government.

Use cash, use crypto, use secure browsers, use Signal. Don't lie down when your government continues to take your real freedoms away, and I'm *not* talking about guns. Those you don't actually need any more.

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