Thank you for put your pen down for the truth. Unsurpisingly, lots of ignorant vitriole in the comments.

Your article is a pretty fair assessment of one aspect of why there's so much noise about this one particular war, but it's missing the scarier bigger picture: Israelis and Palestinians aren't really the point of this horrific global mobilization, they're just an excellent vehicle through which to destabilize the west. This isn't something new, either - Russia, Iran and China (now joined by South Africa) have been working tirelessly for decades to sow chaos and discord, and these past few months we've been seeing just how successful their efforts have been.

They've infiltrated our social networks, they've infiltrated our education systems, they've even infiltrated our governments, and almost everyone who's bought into their propaganda (in particular, the ideas of intersectionality and marxist anti-capitalism) honestly believes that they understand what's going on and that they're on the right side of history. This is precisely what led to the Ayatollah's revolution in Iran, only on a much grander scale, and if the west doesn't wake up quickly we're all going to be in big trouble.

But most people don't care about the facts, just about how someone on the internet (or even the legacy media) made them feel. That plays right into the blind-spots of a pluralist democratic society.

PS. I'm always fascinated that people still talk about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while leaving out the bombing of Tokyo with napalm, which was mindbogglingly cruel, and killed about 97,000 people and wounded a further 125,000. It’s been said that that was the turning point for the Japanese, who finally began to realize that they were on the losing side and should consider laying down their arms.

Adam Fisher / fisher king (@therightstuff)

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