Setting Up The FaceTime Camera On MacBook Ubuntu

And reinstalling it on each startup with a bash script


A smug, very well-fed penguin holding an apple as if he’s about to eat it.
Image by Midjourney

A few months ago, my beloved MacBook finally reached the end of its long and colorful MacOS life. I finally let it go, and returned to my Windows machine. I couldn’t do anything with it, really, but I also couldn’t bring myself to take it in for recycling. And then I realized that I desperately needed a machine that my son could use for simple things (and that wasn’t mine).

So a little over a month ago, I went looking for a guide for installing Ubuntu on an old MacBook, and I came across an excellent two year-old Medium article How to Install and Set up Ubuntu 20.04 on an Old MacBook Pro. I followed the guide, and everything went surprisingly smoothly!

Key bindings notwithstanding. I’m making do…



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