“It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled”

Good luck de-programming the blatant lies of the pro-Palestinian movement

This article goes out to all those people who are insisting on sticking with the pro-Palestinian propaganda narrative in spite of now seeing with their own eyes what we’ve been dealing with and talking about for decades.

For decades, the world has been lied to about Israel’s activities in Gaza and the West Bank. The pro-Palestinian movement uses terms like “apartheid”, “oppress”, “murder”, “ethnic cleansing”, “occupy”, “humiliate”, “war crimes”, where not a single one of those applies. Not one. All this time, Hamas has been attacking us with rockets and bombs and guns and knives in order to instigate military responses and then deliberately use Palestinian human shields to protect themselves. Hamas has built a vast network of underground “terror tunnels”, an underground city, for the express purpose of hurting us, they’ve turned their schools and their hospitals into launch sites for rocket attacks. Palestinians who don’t agree with or cooperate with Hamas have been literally dragged through the streets, tortured, beheaded, and had their families and communities brutalized. Any Palestinian who wants to take care of his or her family has been financially incentivized to become a martyr.

This article goes out to all those people who are insisting on sticking with the pro-Palestinian propaganda narrative in spite of now seeing with their own eyes what we’ve been dealing with and talking about for decades. These are not “freedom fighters” or “militants”, they are terrorists. They are not trying to free themselves or their people from oppression, they are trying to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. It’s in their charter. Go ahead, read the charter. I’ll wait.

Right now, Israel is reeling from and grieving the shocking brutality of the incursion over the weekend. At the same time as we’re trying to recover hostages, treat the victims and their families, bury our dead, and wrap our heads around the sheer scale and utter inhumanity of the pogrom that was perpetrated against us, we’re now a nation at war that has to keep it together, to continue to operate as well as possible while our troops put their lives on the line to protect us and to make sure that this kind of atrocity can never happen again.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what exactly has happened and is still ongoing, Hamas practically live-streamed all of their activities and it’s all over the internet [CAUTION: extremely shocking news footage].

These monsters are actually proud of what they’ve done.

A couple of years ago, while I was still out of the country — I’m now back in Israel with my wife and son, we’ve spent a good chunk of the past four days sheltering from rocket attacks - I wrote the following response which I think needs to be repeated for the people in the back. The ones who can read, obviously, as one of the responses to my original post* demonstrates an amazing inability to do so:

From my personal experience, I have lived in Israel for twelve years, including some time spent living with Palestinians, and I spent six years serving in the armed forces. I know first-hand just how miserable the Palestinians’ lives are, and I also know just who is responsible for that. The Israelis in general want peace, Palestinians who haven’t succumbed to brainwashing and want peace are unable to speak out without heavy punishment by the Hamas (beheadings, lynchings and the like), and the Israeli government has for decades been unable to navigate the complexities of defending its population from terrorism without hurting the ordinary Palestinians — for which the Hamas have successfully created a catch-22 wherein Israel simply cannot win in the war of public opinion.

The saddest part, in my opinion, is that the more polarized the responses of those who aren’t involved, whether it’s the “pro-Palestinian” camp or the “Israel can do no wrong” camp, the worse life gets for the Palestinians. The Hamas is fueled by the sympathetic response to its propaganda and blatant lies (see “Pallywood”), and they’re funded by other Arab states who have a vested interest in occupying Israel with a weaponized people without getting their own hands dirty.

The irony is that none of the pro-Palestinian narrative is actually serving the Palestinians.

At the same time, the Israelis need to learn how to protect themselves while proactively finding solutions to the Palestinians’ problems (not that I’m sure there are real solutions, but we should at least be thinking about it).

There are terrible human beings on both sides of the borders (but if you buy into the propaganda, you wouldn’t agree that there are legitimate borders or that the Palestinians have any autonomy).

I’d like to think those terrible humans are minorities on both sides, I can vouch for the fact that most Israelis don’t like what the settlers are doing or the fact that the government has given them full support over the years in a particularly anti-democratic way.

Israelis would feel more confident voting for peacemakers if they weren’t constantly under attack. I would say the same of the Palestinians, except that they’re run by a terrorist regime and they really don’t have voices.

Criticizing Israel is fine, when accompanied by real criticism of Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Demonizing Israelis is a morally bankrupt activity that continues a long tradition of antisemitism, especially when only listening to one-sided rants without verifying facts.

If you really cared about the Palestinian people, you’d look into how regular non-Hamas non-Muslim Palestinians have been treated by the Hamas since they came into power. And if you really believe that what these people are doing is somehow justified, that’s something you should be looking inwards and examining. If you can tell Jews to moderate how they defend themselves while celebrating the slaughter and torture of innocents, there’s something broken deep inside you.

* I reported and blocked, I don’t know if it’s still up for others to see.



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