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  • Steffan Morris Hernandez

    Steffan Morris Hernandez

    Designer + Visualiser

  • Stephan Joppich

    Stephan Joppich

    fka Leo Sharp • Ex-engineer • Weekly insights on loneliness & simplifying life • Get exclusive content with my free newsletter → stephanjoppich.ck.page

  • Joel Stein

    Joel Stein

    Joel Stein’s In Defense of Elitism: Why I’m Better Than You and You’re Better Than Someone Who Didn’t Buy This Book, is the best book ever. www.thejoelstein.com

  • Peter Burns

    Peter Burns

    A curious polymath who wants to know how everything works. Blog: Renaissance Man Journal (http://gainweightjournal.com/).

  • Dan


    I love Data | Masters Data Analytics | Download my FREE Pandas Cheat Sheet https://exceptional-architect-7018.ck.page/d5a96d1553

  • Emanuele Faja

    Emanuele Faja

    Founder of www.workwithmad.com and www.workwithblue.com

  • Grant Bullert

    Grant Bullert

    Cinephile, theology obsessive, and melomaniac, among other things.

  • Monica Lee

    Monica Lee

    Edgy classical pianist with dark humor, and I use profanity in my writings. If this offends you, please look elsewhere.

  • Yuko Tamura

    Yuko Tamura

    Bilingual contributing writer of The Japan Times, editor-in-chief of Japonica. Cross-cultural topics based on both American and Japanese corporate careers.

  • Jennifer Dunne

    Jennifer Dunne

    Regular contributor to The Daily Cuppa & Dancing Elephants Press📚Author of fiction and non-fiction🎓Getting PhD in Metaphysics✏️Topics: cats, positivity & life

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