Everything Is Broken

The Chorus I’ve Had Stuck In My Head For At Least A Year

The Original Song

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or in a country where The Lego Movie wasn’t shown in English, here’s the original song:

The Meme

The Original Meme

I made this meme about a year ago, and would frequently sing it whenever I encountered something broken. It got to a point where my teammates would sometimes sing along with me. My seven year-old son knows the chorus well.

I’ve needed to use this on many occasions:

The “Everything Is Broken” song pops up a lot, especially when it comes to Python virtual environments, dependency package conflicts, websites that promise to “remember me” but don’t, overly-complicated passwords, and companies or government organizations who can’t send SMS messages to Twilio numbers for verification purposes but can somehow hit my mobile phone with an infinite amount of spam.

Everything Is Broken.

I finally sat down this morning and rewrote the rest of the song as well. I reserve the right to improve and tweak it. My likes and shares to the first person to actually provide a recording of this. They’re like thoughts and prayers, but better. Anthony Jeselnik agrees.

Everything Is Broken

Everything is broken
Everything’s on fire and high priority
Everything is broken
And out of warranty

Everything would be better with best practices
But in practice it’s all rushed into slacknesses
Let’s hurry forever
We’re the same, I’m like you, you’re like me
We are just working for money

Adam Fisher / fisher king (@therightstuff)

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