Or, How I’m Continuing to use Google’s Products Without A Sense of Existential Dread

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

My First Brush With Account Recovery Tyranny

Just over five years ago, my wife and I decided to leave Canada for South Africa, and with all the madness of the migration (after six months of being new parents with no support, we left in a big rush to be close to our family) it never occurred to…

And How They Tell Me They’re Performing As Intended

Image taken from a sample page of Shakespeare’s Sonnets: A Graphic Novel Adaptation

Something magical happened on the evening of the 28th of January, 2012, just shy of four centuries after the Bard’s body had been buried. I brushed dust off some old words with my fingertips, I breathed out their spells as I read, and a real-life Djinn popped out.

Standing Over A Grave

I was…

Why “Modern Standby” mode has been keeping me (and many others) awake at night

Image by Amberrose Nelson from Pixabay

Note to the reader: while this article is primarily focused on Windows, its lessons may apply to Linux as well. Macs don’t seem to have this problem, however, as Apple appears to have implemented Modern Standby fairly well on both a hardware and software level.

The Problem

After many years of abuse…

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Software developer and writer of words, see http://therightstuff.bio.link for more details.

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